Speaker. Mentor. Teacher.

Radical Linguist.  Gender Mender.

Hi, I'm Darren Christopher Deojee. 

I specialise in the Language of Leadership & Gender (believe it or not : the same thing!)  I deliver powerful life changes with you, be it for being a more effective manager or leader with an enthused team, or to cultivate a more passionate and powerful relationship, no matter how stagnant it is, or how long you have been single.   

I also specialise in Positive Masculinity training and coaching rooted in the ancient Toltec tradition, but made accessible-to-all with my 20+ years experience.

If you want to have a personal 1-2-1 or couples sessions, give me a no obligation call  below or drop me an email  to see how I can help!  See my testimonials below to see what others have said.

Otherwise, invite me to speak to your audience  and give them a riveting,  radical, unforgettable mental experience that will leave them enthused and afire with new ideas, insights & personal power.  Click the link call below to discuss your event or retreat, or email me here

  • Conferences, Festivals, Functions, Groups of Small & Large Audiences 
  • Management, Corporate Teams, Leaders
  • 1-2-1's and Couples, of Any Sex or Orientation

FANTASTIC and exceeded all of my expectations by a long, long way. Christopher is an extremely skilled communicator. An engaging storyteller. And a masterful teacher. My mind was, and remains, blown.

His insights have already provided benefits in business, my social life and beyond. I would recommend Christopher's workshops without reservation to anyone who wants to take charge of their lives and live positively and joyfully."

Tom Mallens Birmingham