1 is  a native man, native to the Land.    I has a native reservation about the choices being made by those who claim to own or have authority over the Land and its myriad inhabitants.

I has reservations about their perspective, their motives, their service, their direction, their standards, their structures, their manners of interaction. Their ideas about humanity – everything.  In fact, I does not identify with them at all.

In a world where it is accepted that people can identify as other sexes, races, species and even as being disabled, I claims that power too.

This reservation is 1s space and place for 1s position, 1s State.  A reservation for 1s reservations, and to share what 1 identifies with, and as.  The stories I has found of 1s people,  who’s whispers sing in the blood, bones and sole I here has, and share 1s tales of the now, the recent past and the future I aims for.

Nothing here is old news, but then also, nothing is new, only waiting to be re-discovered anew from the view of Now.

1 will find unique, cutting edge alphabet, language, gender and social philosophy here as well as practical tools and products to exponentially improve personal power, effectiveness, relationships & mental insight, well, I thinks that at least.

Where does I Speak from?

I is the father of 4 children in a long term relationship with their mother.   We privately educate our children due to the poisoned soup of modern mainstream education – a range of tasty ingredients, spoiled by pure poison – poisons so abominable to warrant the monikers child abuse or even ‘evil’ –  the pretense of doing good and for good when it is absolutely not.

1 has served in public service most of 1s working life, as well as for large, multinational private corps.   I has worked in police, parliament, finance, IT, media, mental healthcare and, while not at senior levels, I has gained much insight into the pillars of the mentally enslaved society I was born into, where the men are collared, cuffed & tied and there’s a propaganda campaign been waged against them for longer than I’s been alive.

A society where the people are surrounded by incredible anomalies and contradictions but choose to dismiss or ignore them.

1 observes that the only system that has stood the test of time is nature and unless 1 matches cultural expectations and demands to similar rhythms it is inevitable that people will burn themselves, and the resource-providing environment, out.

That this is underway evidenced by the pandemic of stress and anxiety and depression and the endemic use of mood altering substance use and mental health medicinal use in the West, and the rampant soil depletion and deforestation figures across the developed world.

Things are simply not what they seem at all.  The story we have all been told about the world is not all true.

And neither necessarily is the one we make up as we go along.  We have all been born into a very old world, with old stories running deep and long, older that nations, older than peoples.  These currents are there for us all to tap and hear if we choose to use our senses, our mind, and our bodies in native ways.

The problem is, we have not been taught native ways of using mind, body and senses – most western educated people are wandering around disembodied, sensually starved, in a distorted ‘visitor’ mindview.

Change is needed, but I does not believe in a collectivised change, or a collectivist solution, but an individual one.  I does not believe in imposing solutions on people, but in offering them, and empowering individuals to find them in their own life.

I does not believe a scientific solution is wise – peering loftily from a distant office, utterly disconnected from the context and local impact of decisions and variables and hiding responsibility in an entity that luxuriates in ‘limited liability,’ while trapped in a faulty arrogance born from confusing ‘what’ with ‘how.’

I am an individualist and see that any appearance of collective effectiveness stems from individuals looking at local issues in their immediacy and acting, as individuals shared in purpose.

I have given private talks and workshops on my own material and findings for 10 years.  I am available for talks, workshops,  or 1-2-1’s or small groups to teach on anything you find on this site.